Our Services

Landscaping & Design

Landscaping ranges from the proper planting of a few shrubs to the overall change of the homeowners property. EarthScapes is able to design the job with the customers wants and needs in mind to ensure all areas of the job are constructed properly.

Irrigation Installation

EarthScapes can install a new irrigation system using the most current brands of watering equipment to water your turf and shrub areas. As well, EarthScapes can troubleshoot and correct problems or just add some additional heads where needed.

Lawn Maintenance

EarthScapes offers a wide range of lawn maintenance programs to fit your properties' needs as well as a budget the homeowner can feel comfortable with.

Chemical Application

EarthScapes offers 1-time or yearly applications of pre-emergent and fertilization programs for your property. These applications are crucial to the overall growth and appearance of the homeowners turf areas.

Shrub Maintenance

Whether it be a 1-time pruning and cleanup, or a program to maintain the homeowners shrubs, EarthScapes can provide the services. Proper pruning of your shrubs allows the plant to develop properly and resist insects and disease.


Stone Patios, Paver Mow Edge and Single Edge, Retaining Walls, EarthScapes offers many choices on these areas with many different options in stone or brick colors.