Using Stone Elements to Create a Beautiful Backyard Space

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Stone is one of the most popular elements to use when creating a personal space in the backyard. One reason for this is because they are natural, durable, sustainable and virtually maintenance-free. Now, stones were traditionally used as borders and pathways throughout garden areas, but they are now very widely used to achieve very unique designs by homeowners and professional designers.

In fact, here are two different ways in which you can use stone to design beautiful, unique creations in your landscape:

1. Stone Pathway

Stone pathways can be created several different ways, depending on your exact preference. One way is where they are laid down over the grass to create a casual and comfortable walkway. This particular type of pathway would be known as stepping stones. Another option would be to create a more formal pathway made out of stones of similar thickness. They would be laid out very close together (two inches or less apart) and the cracks between them would be filled with a type of decorative rock or grout. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the various types of pathways that can be made out of stone.

2. Stone Firepit

If you enjoy being around a fire, then you need a firepit in your backyard. Firepits can be made out of many materials, and stone is one of them. There are various designs of firepits, including squares and circles and fully aboveground to partially belowground. It is best to do some research on stone firepits to decide on the type and style of firepit that you would like to have in your backyard before trying to build one yourself or having one designed.

If you're interested in any of the above stone elements and would like to discuss them in more detail or would like to talk about other types of stone elements that can be created for your backyard personal space, please reach out to us at Earthscape Designs for more information.