Getting Ready for Summer: 4 Things You Need to Do to Your Commercial Property

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Summer isn't officially here yet, but the weather is showing signs of it. So, before the heat gets too bad (which is really hard on younger plants), it is time to get your commercial property cosmetically ready for summer with shrubs, trees, flowers, etc. Taking the time to prepare your landscape now will ensure that your plants are more resilient to the warmer weather and that your landscape is in full bloom when everyone is outside enjoying the sun.

First, head outdoors with an Earthscape Design landscape professional and determine which beds need some color and which spaces need some additional perennials or shrubs. Take a look at other areas, such as edging, mulch, and drainage issues, that need attention.

Aside from the above, here are four things that you are going to want to get done right now to ensure that your commercial property is ready for these warmer months that are headed your way:

1. Plant Some Young Trees and Shrubs

With steady soil temperatures and few to no more frosty mornings, you can start to plant trees and shrubs around your commercial property. During the colder months, the ground holds excessive moisture. As the temperature begin to warm up, these young plants are going to require a diligent watering schedule so that they can become well-established. By getting them in the ground now, they will have a chance to get rooted and be more resilient to pests, disease and drought once the scorching temperatures roll around.

2. Get Colorful Flowers in your Landscape Beds

Once winter is over, it's time for some much-needed color. The landscape beds are the perfect place to bring in a pop of color. Annuals can instantly improve your commercial property's curb appeal and last all summer long. Alternatively, you can plant perennials and then enjoy their blooms year after year. If you need to pay attention to your budget, then perennials are probably the most budget-friendly since you won't need to replace them season after season.

Note: Greenery was announced this year as the 2017 Color of the Year by Pantone. So, you may want to incorporate some yellow-green tones in your landscape beds.

3. Have an Irrigation Audit Performed

When it comes to your commercial property's irrigation system, you could have a problem and not know it -- that is, until your water bill comes in the mail. Leaks, breaks, cracks, etc. occur underground without you knowing it. In addition, spray heads can become damaged during maintenance, pedestrian traffic, lawn mowing, by golf carts, etc. Regardless of how it happens, it causes a huge spike in your water bill.

Plus, as your overall landscape evolves, its irrigation needs do as well. Consider this: if your irrigation system is on a timer and you update your landscape, is it still adequate? Luckily, an irrigation audit can determine if the answer to that question is yes or no. It can also determine if you have a leak, break, crack or damaged spray head.

You can also get an irrigation map of your entire commercial property if you don't currently have one (and, yes, it's good to have one). These maps not only help irrigation technicians when they are repairing and auditing your property, but they can even help boost your property if you decide to sell it at some point in the future.

4. Get Drainage Issues Repaired

Have you noticed any puddling water on your commercial property or maybe any areas of erosion due to water run-off? The earlier you can address drainage issues, the better. This is because those hard, summer rains can cause significant property damage. Any work that is done to your property now can help to prevent any debris from making its way into your storm water system, which can help to prevent damage and your property's infrastructure.

So, whether you are dealing with a property that collects water and is unable to support healthy plants or turf or you are trying to improve overall storm water management, it's time to create a plan so that you can manage and repair drainage problems before they become overly costly.

Summer's Right Around the Corner - Is Your Commercial Property Ready?

For some, it may be too early to talk about summer, even though it really is just around the corner. However, when it comes to landscaping, it is never too early to talk about anything. Taking action now with your landscaping plans will ensure that your property is ready for the individuals that work, live and play on your grounds. Give Earthscape Design a call today to talk more about getting your property ready for summer.