Drought Stress Symptoms: Is Your Tree Suffering?

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Trees are big, tough and long-lasting. However, they’re not invincible. They need certain things to survive just like we do. They need water, but when there’s a drought, they aren’t getting near enough of what they need to stay strong. Do you know if your tree is under drought stress? Do you know the symptoms to look for? Read on to learn more.

Understanding the Symptoms of Drought Stress

Drought stress affects trees differently, but they impact the tree in the same area regardless of its type: the leaves.

For a deciduous tree, you will notice that the outside edges of the leaves will begin to turn brown. The browning may also extend in between the veins. It isn’t uncommon for the leaves to curl up or down at the edges, wilt or even prematurely yellow. Scorch is also a common symptom, which is where it appears as if healthy leaves have been through a fire. In some cases, this may be the indication of a bacterial infection of the tree.

For evergreen trees, the needles will exhibit symptoms of a similar nature, such as the browning from the tip and color changing (usually to purple, yellow or red). In extended periods of drought, evergreens may begin to produce smaller-than-usual leaves. You may also begin to notice that leaves drop before they’re ready, or stop dropping completely.

Understand the Secondary Issues of Drought Stress

Although the aforementioned symptoms are enough to deal with, there are some secondary issues that could arise from drought stress. Your tree is weak, which means it is struggling to survive and other problems can affect it. This includes things like insect infestation, bacterial infection and diseases. When these things are combined with the drought stress, it can be enough to overwhelm the tree and possibly have it succumbing to its problems. In some cases, there may be underlying issues in the tree’s root system, and root loss can lead to a very high risk of the tree toppling, especially during a heavy storm.

Call Earthscapes for Tree Health Protection

If you believe that some of your trees are under stress from drought, give us a call here at Earthscapes in Huntsville, Alabama. We can help diagnose the problem, treat the issue at the source and help prevent drought stress in the future. We can give your trees the precise care that they need.