Beautifying Huntsville
one landscape at a time

Welcome to EarthScapes

EarthScapes, one of Huntsville's premier landscaping and lawn care businesses. We serve the greater Huntsville area including Madison, Athens, Hampton Cove and the surrounding areas. With over 17 years in the business, our reputation of professional, courteous, and prompt dealings only reinforces our confidence that we are the right company for your project.

State Certified, Licensed and Insured. We offer a variety of services from residential lawn maintenance to entire business or office complex landscaping. We handle many things other than simple "maintenance", such as: Irrigation, Sod Laying, Aerating, Seasonal Rotation, Professional & Detailed estimates and proposals, Stone Patios and Retaining Walls.

EarthScapes has enjoyed numerous awards and recognitions over the years, for our professionalism and outstanding efforts, such as beautification awards for Somerby at Jones Farm, as well as numerous other customer recommendations.

For a Free Consultation, please fill out this form, or simply give us a call 256-880-5858 and we'll be happy to go over details of your project.

Landscaping is an Art

The Art of Landscaping is an practice that has been around for the ages. It has even had religious and social significance. In recent times it has evolved into two categories: the art of the homeowner or amateur, and that of the professional landscaper or designer, the person or company who measures, calculates and with precision, applies a detailed and elaborate landscape. EarthScapes, Inc certainly is the latter, and is eager to discuss your upcoming project with you!